Healthcare in the U.S.  Are we being Scammed?


Right now in this country, $17.00 out of every $100.00 spent is spent on healthcare.

Today’s blog will simply present some facts about the U.S. healthcare system and associated cost.

The United States of America is ranked 37th in the world for healthcare by the World Health Organization. (That places us with countries like Dominica, Slovenia and Cuba as far as overall health based on life expectancy, infant death rates, etc.)

The cost per citizen in 2016 was over $9400.00 per person in the U.S.  (that’s times 300 million people) so about $2,850,000,000,000.

The cost per Medicare recipients is over $14,500 per person, so that’s $5100.00 more than the average cost.  So much for OUR government efficiency.

In France the cost is $4407.00 per citizen.  They are ranked number 1 in the world for the quality of their healthcare system.  The U.S. system costs more than twice as much per citizen.

The cost in Italy, is $3239.00 per citizen.  They are ranked number 2 in the world for quality of healthcare system.  The U.S. system costs nearly three times as much per citizens.

The top five ranking countries all cost between $3300-$5500 per citizen.

The United States spends 17.1% of it’s Gross Domestic Product on Health care.  That means that out of every $100 spent on any given day in the country about $17.00 of it is feeding the healthcare system.

In most other countries, it’s between $7.00 and $11.00 per hundred dollars spent.

So Let me pose a question:

Why is our average cost around twice as high per citizen when we’re ranked so low?  Worse yet, our socialized form of healthcare for seniors ―Medicare― is costing nearly three times as much per citizen as the top ranking countries.  Socialized medicine works in some countries, but considering how inefficient our Medicare system is, do we have any evidence that our government could administer a socialized system efficiently?  Or would it just make costs go up more?

These health care cost increases seem to be independent of the political party in power.  Most of us can agree that Obamacare did nothing to control costs.  The Republicans can’t even propose a replacement that makes sense, and previous administrations have not succeeded either.

As a big challenge, I would like to ask for opinions as to why our healthcare system is so expensive.  I request that any answers not point fingers at a political party, because both parties have proven that they cannot manage this.  We are led to believe we have a great healthcare system that should cost 2-3 times more than the rest of the worlds.  I have friends in other countries― countries ranking higher than the United States, and while no system is perfect, I can promise you that U.S. is ranked 37th for valid reasons.

Why is our healthcare so expensive in this country and why is neither party trying to control these costs?  Who is getting rich?  Are we being scammed?  Our government is not getting rich, they can’t even manage a budget, and their administration of Medicare suggests that a single-payer system in this country would likely be a financial disaster for the citizens paying for it, unless it’s administered in some way modeled after countries that have succeeded.

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